Aluminium trays and dishes

Our aluminium trays are particularly suitable for use in catering, the snack-food trade, takeaway and delivery services.

In addition we can provide an extensive selection of grill trays in aluminium, for healthy grilling or barbecuing. 

Product Features

Perforated aluminium grill trays:
  • available in 3 sizes and 2 shapes
  • high-quality and tough design
  • suitable for grill and barbecue
Aluminium menu trays:
  • available in 0.5l, 1l, 1.5l and 2l sizes 
  • with foil-laminated inlaid lid
  • professional grade model
  • ideal for heating food and baking

Platter in aluminium:
  • available in two sizes
  • high-quality and tough design
  • ideal for casseroles
Serving dishes:
  • available in sizes 35 cm + 45 cm
  • high-quality and tough design
  • ideal for serving food

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Menu bowls units/ case cases/ pallet
777256FD0,5 litre, 10 ea2055
777263FD1,0 litre, 5 ea10132
777270FD1,5 litre, 5 ea10156
777287FD2,0 litre, 5 ea10126

serving dishes units/ case cases/ pallet
77703435 cm, oval, 10 ea2020
77708922 x 35 cm, 5 ea1560
77709629 x 45 cm, 3 ea2430

Barbecue plates units/ case cases/ pallet
77697634 x 22,5 cm, 3 ea2072
77699034 x 22,5 cm, 5 ea1084
77683934 x 22,5 cm, 10er1050
77684629 cm, round, 2 ea2478
77686034 cm, rund, 5er3518
776914Alu-Tropfschalen gross 5er2035
77645730,5 x 18,5cm halbrund mit Anfasser, 5er10112

Cake pan units/ case cases/ pallet
77706523 x 11 cm, 10 ea1477

Pizza pan units/ case cases/ pallet
77707225 cm, round, 10 ea1836

Alu-Auflaufformen units/ case cases/ pallet
776884Alu Auflaufform eckig, 20x15x4cm, 3er20140
776891Alu Auflaufform eckig, 27,5x18x4cm, 2er2488