In-house production, many benefits for you

We have been producing household and hygiene products since 1966, including those for commercial enterprises, retail chains, hotels and restaurants. What do our customers especially appreciate? Our own production! Because it can create a real competitive advantage for you.


Why is in-house production so important?

Through our production sites, we can more flexibly and quickly implement your wishes. You get a cost and quality advantage manufacturers without their own production facilities cannot offer you, and you can be sure that we produce our goods conscious of the environment and socially responsibly. Only with our own production facilities can be really be sure that out products fulfil all of your quality and sustainable expectations.

  • Competency in the production of film products of LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE.
  • Competency in the production of baking paper and aluminium foil.
  • Competency in the production of paper products such as breakfast or organic paper bags.
  • High-quality commercial business with a strong supplier network in Asia and Europe.

Our production sites

The QuickPack Group operates production sites in Germany, Poland and Vietnam. There we produce predominantly our bin bags, sacks, freezer bags, baking paper, aluminium foil and plastic film, paper carrier bags and paper sacks. In addition to our own production facilities in these countries, there is a global network of strategic partnerships. All production sites are certified with numerous standards known in the industry. Find out more about our Quality promises and certifications and about our production sites.


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