Production and Management

  • the responsible handling of resources is an everyday activity at our production sites. Many of our products are created there (product design). Our energy management ensures an efficient use of energy through the recording and analysis of energy consumption. This can save energy which then reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to environmental and climate protection.
  • renewable energies are an essential component for a successful energy transition. Already today we are using self-generated electricity from our photovoltaic plants on our administration building. We are also ensuring responsible purchase of energy.
  • our fleet consists mainly of E-hybrid trucks and thus contribute to the mobility transition
  • as a company with many years of tradition, we have the most varied machines and systems in operation. These have been successively modernized or replaced by more efficient models
  • the term recycling is omnipresent. Here too! For a good reason! Because only through the use of previously used materials as starting materials for the production of new products can climactic and resource protection goals be met. We must all be part o the concept of the circular economy (Circular economy) This is how we redirect our own cuttings from cling film production back into the manufacturing process of cling films. This saves resources and spares the environment. We also produce many of our bin bags with so-called "post-consumer-recycled-granulate" (PCR granulate)
  • our products wouldn't exist without our highly motivated employees. So place great value on more sustainable activities of our employees (BSCI). Because only the holistic consideration of all actors and factors leads to sustainable success. If you want to become part of QuickPack and contribute to sustainable success, apply now.


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