Our world of brands - as varied as our customers’ wishes

We have been producing household and hygiene products since 1966, including those for commercial enterprises, retail chains, hotels and restaurants. What do our customers especially appreciate? Our broad product portfolio together with high flexibility in production and procurement.

While many of our products are sold by our customers as their own brand, we are also represented in retail by our house brands.

The right brand for everyone

With our brands, we can serve all of the markets in Europe and currently sell in over 25 countries around the world. Our brands promise the highest quality and cover all target groups, from the price-sensitive customer looking for the best price-performance ratio, to the discerning clients with higher demands. Our mission? To make everyday household tasks as uncomplicated as possible with our products.

We will be glad to work together with you to develop a suitable brand for your company. As one of the leading private label manufacturer, we're more than “just” a supplier: We consider ourselves a partner that develops products and product ranges together with you that fit in perfectly with your brand, your company and your target group.
As a favourite brand for household and hygiene products in Western, Southern and Northern Europe, with quickpack we cover the entire product range, from bin liners made from recycled material, baking paper, freezer bags and aluminium and cling film. What all of the products have in common? They are reliable, practical and simplify your household. Our range includes over 2000 individual items overall.
With viGO!, we offer another modern brand, aligned with the needs of our customers. From sponges and microfibre cloths, to cling film, aluminium foil, baking paper and high-quality bin liners and freezer bags to cleaning buckets and other items useful in the household. Learn more about viGO! and the product range.
grinx is our even more sustainable range of products for retail and wholesale. Here we cover the entire product range of household and hygiene articles and develop new and innovative products that have never existed before. For example, our grinx sugar cane bagasse tableware and the grinx palm leaf plates. Many grinx products are made of recycled materials or renewable raw materials.

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