Sustainability without skimping on quality

The QuickPack group offers household and hygiene articles that unite quality and certified sustainability. Find out what makes our products so special and have a look at our Certificates at the end of the page.

What does quality mean?

As a family company, to us quality means always exceeding our customer's requirements and inspiring them with our products. How have we done this over six decades? With imaginative product solutions, industry-leading products and technological innovations, consistent implementation of market feedback and sustainable investment in employees, technology and the environment. We are more than just a supplier to our customers, we are sparring partners, providers of ideas and reliable partners.

How we guarantee quality + sustainability

Selected Partners

We only work with partners and raw materials suppliers that share our demands for quality and sustainability. Only in this way can we product products that fulfil all of our demands.

Regular Risk Analyses

We don't leave anything to chance regarding the quality of our products. With regular risk analyses, we guarantee the highest quality and safety in every step of the work.

Regular Training

We want to continually develop and improve. Therefore, we train our employees at regular intervals and always work in developing new and even better products.

Personal Care

Would you like comprehensive advice? Or do you have questions, criticisms or concerns? We are always here for you, gladly give you personal advice and lend an ear to all concerns.

Post-Consumer Recycling

We recycle household plastic waste into new products in our recycling plant. So we keep the waste in a closed material circuit and prevent waste landing unused in landfills or being incinerated.


Proven Quality - Have a look at our certificates.

Blue Angel is the environmental seal from the federal government. It guarantees consumers "high standards to protect our environment and health - independently and credibly". Who receives the seal? Only those who meet the criteria of an independent jury in all phases of the processing and production of goods. Thus the seal provides orientation for consumers who are concerned with the well-being of our planet and are looking for environmentally-friendly solutions.

DIN CERTCO certifies biodegradable and compostable products. The condition for certification? All of the materials, semi-finished products and additives in a product are analysed by certified testing institutions for chemical composition and compostability under practice-like conditions. Every product is tested separately and receives its own certificate, valid for three years. Three control tests are performed during these three years.

The Nordic Swan is the most well known environmental seal in the Scandinavian countries, and one of the strictest and most prestigious environmental certification systems in the world. The certificate is only issued to those who have their products and the entire production process analysed by an independent and accredited research institute. Neither the production, the product itself nor the disposal may be a danger to the environment.

EuCertPlast is a certification for the recycling of plastic waste. The certificate also confirms that the recyclable waste is recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner in accordance with all of the legal requirements of the respective EU country. QuickPack Poland has EuCertPlast accreditation. For this, our recycling process, maintenance and quality control are reviewed by an independent certification agency.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certificate is an international standard for responsible forest management in consideration of all social, ecological and economic aspects. What is required for certification? The entire supply chain of a product must meet the FSC standards. From procurement of raw materials to the processing, through to commerce and sales. We are proud that we fulfil these standards!

The BRCGS is a defined standard for various economic branches of the foodstuff chain: Food safety, packaging, storage and shipping, consumer articles and retail sales. BRCGS is a global sign that reinforces trust in the supply chain. The global standards for food safety, packing materials, storage and sales, consumer products, retail sales and ethical commerce set the standard for good manufacturing practice and give our customers the certainty that their products are safe, legal and of high quality. All of our production sites are certified according to the BRC standard.

amfori is the leading international corporate association for free and sustainable commerce - the code of conduct for social responsibility and sustainability in the supply chain. It is based on the working standards of the ILO (International Labour Organization). 

As a member of this organisation, we ensure that our suppliers act responsibly in production with regard to people and the environment. 

ISO 50001 is a globally valid standard to promote systematic energy management. 

The goal of the standard is to improved energy-related performance (such as energy efficiency) by the implementation of systems and processes. Through this, unused energy efficiency potentials are tapped in to and CO2 emissions and other effects on the environment caused by energy consumers is reduced, so the energy management system also makes a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection.  

The standard also contributes to Germany being able to reach the goal of reducing its primary energy consumption by 20% by 2020 and by 50% by 2050 compared to 2008. 

We are doing our part to contribute to this by fulfilling this standard.

ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is a global certification program for circular economy with the goal of verifying the traceability of recycled materials according to the assessment principles of physical separation or mass balancing. 

Against the background of climate change and decarbonisation, systems that promote the sustainability of raw materials in production and processing and the replacement of fossil-based raw materials with renewable materials is increasingly gaining in importance. The system has a beneficial effect on the greenhouse gas balance and the reduction of fossil resources.  

This is how we are meeting our responsibility to society.

Do you have questions?

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