Our stated aspiration is to achieve a high-level of customer satisfaction through our quality. Here our customers appreciate the advantages of having their own manufacturing facilities.

The ongoing training and qualification of our staff, a uniform quality standard as well as cutting-edge production machinery, form the basis for quality-aware performance.


We are specialists for household film.

For us quality means meeting customers' requirements. For this purpose we have the most modern technologies at our disposal which are continuously being updated to keep them state-of the-art.

Our experience of many years is the basis for product innovation and innovation in the manufacturing process.


A fundamental principle of our company is the continuous improvement and development of the quality of our products in light of the increasing demands of our customers. Particular focus is placed on the production of films which are designed to have immediate contact with foodstuffs.

The quality of our products is attributable to all sectors of the company and at the end of the day therefore, every one of our employees. The most important prerequisites for quality assurance and improvements are motivated and qualified employees who are constantly prepared to develop their thought processes and ways of doing things.

Our high demands as far as quality is concerned, can only be achieved with a smooth flow of information between all operational sectors of the company.

To achieve this quality for our products, we have carried out a risk analysis in which every single step in the process was scrutinized and evaluated. The results were implemented through the management system thus ensuring continuous product security. The risk analysis is regularly verified.

To achieve such high standards of quality we only work together with qualified raw material suppliers who support our quality aspirations unequivocally.

Continuous improvement of performance and critical analysis of working procedures are the key to the success of our quality management system.

That is why we are certified according to the BRC- Standard for Consumer Products of course.
In the baking paper sector we supply several products which have been awarded with the certificate for sustainable forestry management.


BRC for Consumer Products, Location Düren
BRC for Consumer Products, Location Calvörde