• Extra Strong Aluminium Foil
  • Aluminium Baking Paper
  • 3-in-1 Cling Film
  • Stand-Up Freezer Bag
  • Stand-Up Freezer Bag + Double Zip
  • Reusable Baking Foil
  • Drawstring Refuse Bags with Apple Aroma
  • Fresh & Clean Refuse Bags with Handle
  • Grilling Trays with Handles

Product Features

PREMIUMLINE Aluminium Baking Paper

  • extra strong and robust
  • reinforced
  • perfect for baking, grilling, braising + keeping fresh

PREMIUMLINE Aluminium Baking Paper

  • combines the benefits of aluminium foil and baking paper
  • highly tear resistant and heat resistant
  • optimal heat distribution, shorter cooking times
  • aluminium won't stick to your food
  • non-stick coated baking paper
  • foil is easy to shape
  • Tüv tested to -40C°
  • ideal for baking, roasting, grilling, braising and freezing
  • distinguished with the IAW Award 2016

PREMIUMLINE 3-in-1 Cling Film

  • Unique aroma protection system thanks to 7 layers
  • 3-in-1 > perfect for keeping fresh, freezing and microwaving
  • self-sticking and breathable
  • smell and taste-free
  • heat resistant up to +160C°, cold resistant to -60C°

PREMIUMLINE Stand-Up Freezer Bag

  • easy-to-fill thanks to practical stand-up design
  • guaranteed protection from freezer burn
  • with flavour protection
  • temperature range -40°C bis +90°C

PREMIUMLINE Stand-Up Freezer Bag + Double Zip

  • see PREMIUMLINE Stand-Up freezer Bag
  • secure sealing thanks to double zip seal


PREMIUMLINE Reusable Baking Foil

  • ​double sided non-stick coating
  • greasing not necessary
  • reusable
  • easy-to-cut
  • heat resistant to 260 C°

PREMIUMLINE Drawstring Refuse Bags with Apple Aroma

  • made from super resilient DOWLEX™ polyethylene resin
  • also suitable for refuse with sharp edges and angles
  • maximum stability and resilience
  • particularly tear-resistant, stretchy and puncture resistant
  • can be individually removed without the need for tearing

PREMIUMLINE Fresh & Clean Refuse Bags with Handle

  • made from premium polyethylene
  • considerably stronger than other refuse bags in the low pressure range
  • mimimizes odors thanks to the addition of a special additive
  • especially tear-resistant and liquid-tight
  • distinguished with the IAW Award 2015

PREMIUMLINE Grilling Trays with Handles

  • high-quality, semi-circular design
  • with practical handles
  • for grilling in the oven and on the barbecue
  • fat collection traps prevent fat from dripping,
    thus preventing the development of smoke

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PREMIUMLINE Aluminium & Backpapier units/ case cases/ pallet
610508Aluminium & Backpapier 30cm x 5m24120

PREMIUMLINE Aluminiumfolie units/ case cases/ pallet
120601Aluminiumfolie 30cmx15m extra stark1264

PREMIUMLINE Frischhaltefolie units/ case cases/ pallet
320506Frischhaltefolie 30cmx30m (7-Schicht)1284

PREMIUMLINE Gefrierbeutel mit Standboden units/ case cases/ pallet
410160Gefrierbeutel 1L, 40 Stk., 20x20cm, Standboden18126
420015Gefrierbeutel 2 L, 35 Stk., 23x24cm, Standboden1898
430199Gefrierbeutel 3L, 30 Stk., 25,5x27cm, Standboden1884
440020Gefrierbeutel 4L, 25 Stk., 26x34cm, Standboden1884
460134Gefrierbeutel 6L, 20 Stk., 29,5x41cm, Standboden1884

PREMIUMLINE Freezer bags with double zip closing + stand up design units/ case cases/ pallet
410177Gefrierbtl. 1L Doppel-Zip + Standboden, 18x18+2x2cm, 20er21108
430205Gefrierbtl. 3L Doppel-Zip + Standboden, 27x26+2x2cm, 10er2172

PREMIUMLINE Pergament Kochpapier units/ case cases/ pallet
777508Premiumline Pergament Kochpapier 8 mtr. weiss2438

PREMIUMLINE Cross & Snack Backpapier units/ case cases/ pallet
611000Cross & Snack Backpapier 8 Stk, 37x42cm17126

PREMIUMLINE Dauerbackfolie units/ case cases/ pallet
610904Dauerbackfolie 33x40 cm12144

PREMIUMLINE Toastbag units/ case cases/ pallet
611109Toastbag 3 Stück 16 x 16,5 cm20240
611116Toast-Grillbag 2 Stück extra lang 16,5 x 32 cm20240

PREMIUMLINE aluminium barbecue plates units/ case cases/ pallet
776457Alu-Grillschale halbrund mit Anfasser, 30,5x18,5cm, 5 Stk.10112

PREMIUMLINE units/ case cases/ pallet
850201Müllbeutel mit Zugband 20L, 15er, 510x50x480cm, Apfelduft, interleave15190
850300Müllbeutel mit Zugband 35L, 10er, 580+50x670cm, Apfelduft, interleave15200
850607Müllbeutel mit Zugband 60L, 8er, 730+50x670cm, Apfelduft, interleave15171

PREMIUMLINE units/ case cases/ pallet
852502Müllbeutel frisch & sauber 25L, 20er, 53x54 cm, mit Griff24228
853509Müllbeutel frisch & sauber 35L, 20er, 54x63 cm, mit Griff24187
855008Müllbeutel frisch & sauber 50L, 15er, 60x70+20 cm, mit Griff24200